Interact with the people around you wherever you are
and discover endless opportunities without compromising your privacy

The Communikite Park

Your surroundings, in your palm

Communkite is a location-based mobile app that lets you discover or offer opportunities in real time with the people in your neighborhood, block or street. Kind of your local classifieds board, on steroids :)

With Communikite, we imagined the world as one huge kite park, clean of any buildings to block our view. In this park anybody that has something to offer or ask could simply fly a kite for other people to see and respond.

You have tons of possibilities for the things
that can be announced on Communikite

  • Communities and groups could use this as a platform for announcements and arrangement of social activities, meet-ups and events
    social activities, meetups and events
  • Local services and mini jobs could be offered or found - cleaners, pc technicians, handymen, home-cooked food and more...
    local services and mini jobs
  • Advertise items for sale or giveaway stuff you don't need
    buy & sell
  • Local business and shops could advertise special offers and promotions
    buy & sell
  • There are unlimited options of what you can do with Communikite!


We wanted to create a platform that is both practical, intuitive and fun to use. After giving it a lot of thought we realised that using lists or maps cannot deliver the user experience we are looking for. Instead, we came up with a different approach: The kite park.

Look & Feel

When launching the Communikite app you are immediately being taken to a virtual park where each of the kite out there represents a post created by other users around you. Each of those kites shows basic information about the post, for instance: category, real life distance and its relative direction to your location.

Creating your own kite, finding the kites that interest you, posting a comment or getting in touch with their owners could never be easier. It is all done beautifully through a flowing and intuitive user interface.


We take privacy protection very seriously and designed Communikite in a way that ensures your information will never be tracked and recorded.

We don't record any of the users data
We don't record any of the users data
Users can hide their location if they choose to
Users can hide their location if they choose to
Users have complete control over their privacy
Users have complete control over their privacy

The Future

If you think, as we do, that this app has the potential to create a positive change in many peoples lives around the globe, then we will be happy to receive your support on our thunderclap campaign.
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Download Communikite

Communikite is now available on the appstore! Download it and start flying kites.
Thank you all, we hope we will make it guys!

coming soon to app store